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ALTUS Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA with its registered office in Warsaw (“ALTUS TFI”) hereby informs you that any data provided on this website and on any websites linked from this website are not a binding offer of provision of any services, including banking services, to users of this website or any clients or partners of ALTUS TFI, and are only for information and advertising purposes. In addition, such data are not a financial or investment advisory service or a recommendation relating to any financial instruments or their issuers, and are not legal assistance.

These materials, prepared by ALTUS TFI, are only for marketing purposes and are not a sufficient basis to make any investment decision. ALTUS TFI recommends that you should read the information required by law with respect to investment funds and reserves that the only documents that contain the official and complete information on investment funds are the offering documents of such funds. The detailed descriptions of the terms of subscription and of the risk factors and fees, as well as any other information on the purchase of investment certificates issued by closed-end investment funds, are included in the Terms of Issue. The detailed information on the distribution and repurchase of participation units of an open-end investment fund and on the related risk factors is included in the Prospectus of that fund. The above documents may be obtained either from Distributors or at the office of ALTUS TFI or from the website of ALTUS TFI. The above website is also used for publication of key information for investors investing in our open-end funds.

Investment funds do not guarantee that any investment objective or any assumed result will be achieved. Fund participants must take into account a possibility of loss of at least a portion of their invested capital. Financial information presented on this website shows the investment result of our funds in a specific past period and does not guarantee similar results in the future. The individual rate of return of a Participant is not tantamount to investment results of the funds and depends on the dates of sale and repurchase of investment certificates or participation units by the funds and on the level of the handling fees charged, including the fees for repurchase of investment certificates or participation units and the amount of taxes paid directly on income from investments in funds, and especially capital gain tax. Information on the rates and collection of handling fees is available:

  • for Open-End Funds (FIO) - in the table on the website of Altus TFI and in the Prospectus of each open-end fund;
  • for Closed-End Funds (FIZ) - in the Terms of Issue of each closed-end fund.

Because of the composition of the investment portfolio of a fund or the portfolio management techniques applied, the net asset value of a fund may change considerably over time, therefore investors should take into account a possibility of loss of at least a portion of their invested capital. Depending on applicable tax liabilities, a participant may also be obliged to pay taxes directly on income from investments in funds.
Investment funds managed by ALTUS TFI may invest more than 35% of their assets in securities issued by the State Treasury, the National Bank of Poland, Polish local government units, Member States of the European Union, local government units from Member States of the European Union, a member state of the OECD or an international financial institution of which the Republic of Poland or at least one Member State of the European Union is a member.

ALTUS TFI is authorized to manage portfolios containing one or more financial instruments under the license issued by the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) on 16 June 2010. Past performance of particular investment strategies does not guarantee similar performance in the future. Investing in any financial instruments is subject to investment risk, up to the loss of the entire invested capital. Each prospective client should read the Terms and Conditions of management by ALTUS TFI of portfolios of financial instruments before signing an agreement for management of a portfolio containing one or more financial instruments.

Sources: as indicated directly next to presented data or own calculations of ALTUS TFI on the basis of information available to the general public. Any data used in this website are from sources which ALTUS TFI believes are reliable, however there is no guarantee that they are complete and accurate and that they reflect the actual status. Despite the fact that ALTUS TFI makes every effort to keep this website accurate and up to date, it cannot guarantee that all presented opinions are accurate and that the market situation will not change, especially with respect to certain financial instruments. This material is not a recommendation relating to financial instruments within the meaning of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 19 October 2005 concerning information considered to be recommendations relating to financial instruments and their issuers.

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